A Review Of The Grandium Hotel In Prague, Czechia

A Review Of The Grandium Hotel In Prague, Czechia – Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

If you’re looking for an affordable and centrally located design hotel in Prague, consider The Grandium Hotel (formerly Hotel Yasmin.) Close to Wenceslas Square, Old Town, and other popular tourist points, this hotel is the perfect place to base yourself when you’re in Prague.

While touring Eastern Europe over Christmas on one of those packaged bus tours that leads you through an Amazing Race type of experience (in my case, five cities over ten days), we ended up staying at the Grandium Hotel for a few days.

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The Grandium Hotel In Prague, Czechia

This 4-star property has a stylish, hip, and arty vibe which extends from the lobby of the hotel, to the dining area, to the rooms themselves.

What really set this hotel apart for me was the design of the lobby area. While everyone in our tour group rushed out to tour the Christmas market at Wenceslas Square, I stayed back busily snapping photo as the design of the hotel was an attraction in itself.  

I could have hung out in the lobby all day but we were only in Prague for a few days and I needed to experience the romance of it by night and walk in a winter wonderland as we toured the castle.

The bar and restaurant setting was great for when we took our meals together or ended the day with a nightcap. We did that a lot on this trip.

The decor was simple, clean, and minimalist with a warm and soothing colour palette. The colour palette was warm and soothing. Best of all, the wifi signal was strong and it was easy to catch up on what was happening back home after being offline for hours.

Another things about The Grandium Hotel is its surprising affordability, with rooms starting at about €100 a night.

What do you think of The Grandium Hotel in Prague? Do you have any other tips for Prague? Leave us your best tips in the comments below.


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  1. Your photos do the main floor rooms justice – I like the mirrors, lights and pallette. Very pretty. It kind of reminds me a bit of the decor at Momo restaurant in Amsterdam.

  2. I like! Enjoyed my stay at the mainstream, but very nice, Marriott in Old Town, but would like to to try something a little different next time. This looks like a great choice.

  3. For me this hotel is on top 5 of all hotels in Eastern Europe. And also Czech Republic is wonderful place to for “weekend trips”.

  4. @Bernard – While I liked the hotel, I would not rate it as a top 5. It’s nice though! And you’re right, the Czech Republic is a great weekend trip from Berlin or other nearby European cities.

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