One of the best parts of living in Europe is the countless opportunities to explore other countries. The best is that travel around Europe not only means relatively short travel times, but more importantly, affordable and budget-friendly trips. 

That’s why I’ve partnered with the friendly folks from JustFly to highlight some cheap European destinations that you should visit right now. JustFly has a platform where you can search and compare the best deals across more than 440+ airlines. 

10 Cheap European Destinations You Should Visit 

Cheap European Destinations - Podgorica Montenegro

I’ll be honest and say it from the start – this is a fairly subjective list, as I’ve only featured places I’ve traveled to and found to be cheaper than more popular destinations around Europe like Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. While all of those cities are absolutely lovely, I’ve chosen locations that are more off the beaten path and deserve more people visiting them. 

1) Brno, Czech Republic

Cheap European Destinations - Brno Czech Republic

Why Brno? Because Prague is being overwhelmed by tourists and thankfully, Brno hasn’t felt the same effects. With a pristine Old Town full of grand squares and cathedrals, castles overlooking the city, and a top-notch dining scene, you can’t go wrong with Brno. Brno is budget friendly and it’s easy to travel on the cheap there – for example, I stayed at this Airbnb apartment for €25 a night and you can dine at an upscale restaurant for less than €20. Brno’s also the perfect location to base yourself for day trips to places like the Moravian Karst where you can go caving and hiking. 

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2) Bucharest, Romania

Why Bucharest? Bucharest is not only a budget-friendly destination, but it’s also full of plenty of things to do like visit the massive Palace Of The Parliament (the heaviest parliament in the world!), cute museums like the Romanian Kitsch Museum where Romanians poke fun at their own culture (sadly now closed), and a bookstore that you could spend hours in without ever leaving. If you’re working while you’re there, you’ll be happy to know Why Romania’s Internet Is So Much Faster Than America’s. Work away, or watch some Netflix.

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3) Budva, Montenegro

Budva Montenegro

Why Budva? The greater question here would be … why not Budva? With sandy beaches, an Old Town that looks like it was ripped out of a Game Of Thrones set, a mountainous backdrop, a happening nightlife, and cheap local wine and seafood (on repeat), it’s a hard city to leave behind. Thankfully, it’s free from cruise ships unlike nearby Kotor, and is a great place to base yourself as you explore more of Montenegro. 

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4) Budapest, Hungary

Cheap European Destinations - Budapest Hungary

Why Budapest? I can’t go on enough about Budapest as it’s literally my favorite city on the planet and I think I’ve visited there more than anywhere else. Budapest is easy on the pocketbook no matter what you do, be soak in one of the city’s thermal baths, saunter around Buda castle, indulge your inner child by playing pinball for hours, or seek out odd statues like the Ronald Reagan statue or the Columbo statue.

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5) Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv UkraineWhy Kyiv? Next on our cheap European destinations list? I visited Kyiv for the first time in October 2019 and I immediately knew that once wasn’t enough. Things I really enjoyed about Kyiv were spending hours at the Mother Motherland Monument, taking in socialist modern architecture at the Expocenter Of Ukraine and local crematorium in Memory Park, attending a Borscht party in the home of a local, and visiting the Chernobyl Museum to learn more about the nuclear tragedy. You can enjoy dinner out in places like Mama Manana and feast on Georgian food and wine for around €10 or take an Uber around the city for an average €2 – €4 a trip.  

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6) Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why Mostar? Mostar is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit Mostar to see the reconstructed Old Bridge, explore different abandoned sites like the Old Sniper Tower,  and watch locals dive off the bridge. Take day trips to swim under waterfalls at Kravice Waterfalls, visit the majestic holy site at Blagaj tekija, and go to the UNESCO World Heritage site at the medieval fortified town of Pocitelj. Food and accommodation are also on the cheap side, so it’s easy to live large while you’re in Mostar. 

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7) Nis, Serbia

Nis Serbia

Why Nis? It’s only natural that most people traveling to Serbia will visit Belgrade, but all too many skip out Nis when there are so many reasons to visit. It’s full of interesting and important historical sites like the Red Cross Concentration Camp where the first ever successful escape of inmates happened, Bubanj Memorial Park which pays tribute to people who died under Nazi rule in WWII, the Skull Tower which honors people who died under invading Ottomans, and Nis Fortress filled with Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine, and Medieval architectural remains. Serbia tends to be very budget friendly – for example, I stayed at a four-star art hotel for about €40 a night.

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8) Podgorica, Montenegro

 Podgorica Montenegro

Why Podgorica? I feel that people are way too harsh on Podgorica and that more than a few bloggers have unfairly written about why it’s a such terrible place. It might not be a city where you’d spend too long and it’s surely not as stunning as Budva or Kotor but the Montenegrin capital deserves at least a day of your time. Some notable highlights for you to visit include the Millennium Bridge, Old Bridge, and St. George Church. It’s a city where it’s easy to stay within a backpacker’s budget and live like a king or queen. 

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9) Poznan, Poland

Cheap European Destinations - Poznan Poland

Why Poznan? Poznan is one of the cheap European destinations that is just too pretty for words. It has one of the most gorgeous Old Towns I’ve seen yet, is packed full of budget-friendly places to eat and drink, has historic castles and cathedrals,  is home to one of the most hipster clubs outside of Berlin, and so much more. 

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10) Sofia, Bulgaria 

Cheap European Destinations - Sofia Bulgaria

Why Sofia? Well, I admit that my time in Sofia wasn’t the best time after a bank machine chewed up my bank card and I was left cashless for a couple of days. Despite the mishap, I had a great time walking around and taking in top sites like Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. I even took a day trip and visited the amazing Rila Monastery and hiked through the nearby mountains. 

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What do you think about our list of cheap European destinations? Do you know any other places that deserve a special mention? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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