Instagramming … Camogli, Italy.

My group of fellow travel bloggers and I were touring the Ligurian region of Italy like gangbusters for 3 days straight on a “Food and Wine” press trip. Predictably, my waistline expanded with each new town we visited starting with Porto Venere where we cooked mussels, then Varese Ligure where we made pasta from scratch and finally Chiavari where we feasted even more at the renowned Lord Nelson restaurant.

With plans of a diet and a strict workout regime for when I returned home to Berlin, I was happy to know that our tour was wrapping up in Camogli. A small fishing village along the Italian Riviera where the mountains melt into the sea, I immediately fell in love.

Camogli, Italy.

So, I’m sure this comes at no surprise to anyone. I’ve been known to easily throw my love around for various towns and cities across Europe but I’ve always had soft spot for Italy. It was the first European country I ever visited (read my love letter to Rome) and I somehow ended up there four times in 2012! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is …

We started our day off with a cooking lesson where we learned how to whip up “Focaccia col Formaggio di Recco” like pros at Focacceria Pasticceria Revello. This restaurant is definite “must see” and is great place to have delicious and filling lunch.

Finally we were set free so we could explore the picturesque Camogli and walk off all that focaccia.

Camogli, Italy.

Italy was in the midst of an incredible Indian summer at the end of October! It was warm enough to walk around in just a t-shirt and jeans and let the sunshine kiss your skin.

I stood there watching the waves crashing along the shore for a really long time. The view held me spellbound and I found it hard to tear myself away.

Camogli, Italy.

The residential apartment buildings along the shore are painted with bright and cheerful colours.

Many facades in Camogli (and throughout the Ligurian region) are decorated with a special “Trompe L’Oei” treatment, a form of art that can be deceptive to the eye. Where you think you see a balcony or open window are in fact paintings that look surprisingly real.

Camogli, Italy.

Camogli, Italy.

The harbour was full of fishing boats, nets and little tokens of love!

Camogli, Italy.

Camogli, Italy.

Alas, it was time to leave and head on to an olive oil farm (filled with über cute bunnies and baby kittens) to learn about harvesting/production processes and have a tasting. Tough life of a travel blogger, I know! 🙂

As we walked back to our bus, the early morning sun spilled through the trees and cast a dreamlike glow over Camogli. So romantic!

Camogli, Italy.

Camogli, Italy.

Camogli, Italy.

This post concludes my Instagram series that featured different Ligurian towns including Porto Venere, Varese Ligure, Chiavari and Camogli.

If you’re looking to experience a lesser known side of Italy and want to get away from destinations more frequented by tourists like Cinque Terre, then consider a visit to one of these towns. If you’d like a more personalized recommendation, send me an email at

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* Disclosure – My time in Camogli was complimentary, courtesy of Liguria TourismAny opinions expressed about my love for small town Italy and tasty focaccia are entirely my own.

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  1. I didn’t spend much time on the Italian Riviera so I’ve never heard of Camogli. It looks absolutely beautiful. Great find!

  2. I’ve had a soft spot for Italy nearly my whole life — and I haven’t even been there! Luckily, that should be changing soon. These photos are a beautiful introduction to Camogli. Easy to see why you loved it.

  3. I really liked the region around Cinque Terre, even though we only spent a sinlge day across all 5 of the towns. We did a lot around the region. Portovenere was really awesome and with the castle actually more interesting than the fishing villages down the way.

  4. Great photos! I love the Italian country side, the food there is soo good; I’ve only been to Umbria, but definitely plan on travelling more in Italy!

  5. What a nice post.
    We live in Italian Riviera and I can say that Camogli is a pictoresque village, where you can eat the best “Focaccia” ever!
    Liguria is renowed for its land “cinque terre”, but let me say that all Liguria region is faboulous.
    Romantic villages like Cervo, Alassio, Laigueglia worth a trip, and ancient villages in the hinterland are fascinating.
    You can visit my Pinterest La Meridiana page on West Coast Italian Riviera and you’ll be amazed.
    If you need any information regarding Liguria, please write me: I would be pleased to help you exploring the best locations, traditions, with visit at oil mills, primary ingredient in our healthy mediterranean cuisine.

    Liguria and Italian Riviera: a motivating journey!

  6. … I forgot to say that other nice pics on Liguria hinterland villages are on “Pinterest La Meridiana Italian Riviera Historic Villages”
    Hope you will enjoy, and we wish nice trips with Cheryl Howard!

    Have a nice day,


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