How To Spend A Weekend In Gdansk Poland

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How To Spend A Weekend In Gdansk Poland – Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

There’s nothing worse to a frequent traveller than being forced to sit still for a long period of time. After having not travelled for eight weeks and having endured the painful process of applying for a freelance visa to live and work longer in Germany, I was restless and stressed. To top it off, Easter weekend was coming up and I  suddenly had no plans due to a last minute cancellation. Ahh, the sometimes lonely life of a newly transplanted expat.

Perfect time to plan a weekend away all on my own. So true to form, I plotted my escape from Berlin and headed to Gdansk, Poland. Newsletter

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How To Spend A Weekend In Gdansk Poland

1) STAY: Hotel Artus

My weekend started at the very cute Hotel Artus in Gdansk’s city center where I nabbed a rather sweet and stylish little room. Arriving here late Friday evening after a looooong eight hour train ride from Berlin, I was excited to call this my “home away from home” for a few days.

Best of all, I had a view of St. Mary’s Church and some other classic Polish architecture just outside my window.

Gdansk Polish Architecture

2) EAT: Restauracja Euro

After I got settled in, I headed out and looked for something to eat. Unfortunately, being Easter weekend, my options were limited, so I ended up at the rather touristy and overpriced Restauracja Euro where I got my fill of perogies and some tasty homemade Schnapps.

Back at the hotel, I booked the sauna for an hour and spent the time relaxing in complete and utter bliss.

Tip – if you do ever happen to stay at the Hotel Artus in Gdansk, book the sauna and preferably for later in the evening. Not only is it super cheap, but you’ll have the entire sauna to yourself (no awkward encounters with other naked strangers is always a plus for me).

Weekend In Gdansk Mon Balzac

3) EAT: Mon Balzac

The next morning, I headed down to the hotel’s cafe Mon Balzac for breakfast. Cute, cozy and relaxing, I ate here rather joyously each and every morning of my stay. It’s actually open all day and plays host to live music some evenings.

4) DRINK: Café Retro

Cafe Retro Gdansk

I ventured out to explore for a while and as it was pouring rain, I took a quick break to have a soothing tea at Café Retro.

5) SEE: Neptune Fountain

Weekend In Gdansk - Neptune Fountain

Finally, the rain tapered off a bit and I was ready to explore more of Gdansk without getting soaked. Excited, I headed straight to the Neptune Fountain. Unfortunately, I found it’d been temporarily removed for restoration purposes.

6) SEE: Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk Old Town

A little sad, I continued walking along the wet streets admiring the historic building in Gdansk’s Old Town.

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7) SEE: The Old Crane

Gdansk Old Crane

As I was walking along the Vistula river, I finally got a glimpse this old crane. Built in the 15th century, it’s now home to a Maritime Museum.

8) EAT: Goldwasser Restauracja 

Next, I had dinner at another tourist haunt Goldwasser Restauracja, right next to the crane. I opted for a non-Polish meal and had steak but didn’t miss the chance to try Goldwasser, a herbal Schnapps infused with gold flakes and produced only in Gdansk.

By the time dinner was over, I was exhausted and headed back to my hotel for an early night. Lame yes, but I was sick with a bad cold.

9) GO: A Day Trip To Sopot

Sopot Poland

Sunday was spent in nearby Sopot walking along the Baltic Sea and enjoying the best spa experience ever at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel.

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Overall, it was a good weekend and increased my ever growing love for Poland . Yet somehow, I feel I barely skimmed the surface of Gdansk and didn’t get to know the city properly. Gdansk, I will come back to see you! 

What do you think about spending a weekend in Gdansk, Poland? Do you have any other tips about what to do in the city?

Good To Know

1)  Book a place to stay on

2) Make your time in Gdansk even better by booking a guided tour.

3) If you’re road tripping through Poland, make sure you rent a car.

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  1. Loved that last shot! This just became one of the places I must stop at if I ever go to Poland.

  2. Nice job, I like your photos. They really capture the all around mood of the day you were having….curse the battery charger!

  3. @Ryan – Thank you! Gdansk is a really cool city. And Sopot too.

    @Michael – Thanks so much. The weekend was one of those weekends where one thing went wrong after another. Despite the mishaps (and there were many), I liked what I saw of Gdansk.

    @Roy – Thank you! I heart Instagram. 🙂

  4. I really want to explore more of Poland – I’ve only been to Krakow and Gdansk is very high on my list of Polish places I want to go. You make it look so pretty 🙂

  5. Lovely photos, I think you did pretty well with just the iPhone 😉 And Gdansk definitely seems like a nice place to visit. I really have to get myself to Poland 😉

  6. Sounds like the weekend turned out quite well. I love your photos and the cute place you stayed in. Eastern Europe continues to call after reading posts like yours.

  7. @Lei – Wait until you read about what happened on the way home! All in all it was a good weekend, despite the weather, my cold and not having a proper camera to capture such a beautiful city. And thanks so much re: the photos!

    Eastern Europe is slowly taking my heart away from the more traditional beautiful spots. Might be rough around the edges but I love it! 🙂

  8. Nice experience after all and gorgeous photos!
    Since you love Eastern Europe, try Romania. It will surprise you!

  9. Love how artsy the hotel looks and I can only imagine how good the perogies were. Too bad about your camera battery, but you still got some fantastic photos.

  10. @Laurel – The hotel was absolutely adorable! If I ever make it back to Gdansk, I can’t imagine staying anywhere else. And those perogies alone make me want to return. 🙂

  11. Gdansk is just fantastic! I love the city,interesting history,nice people.Polish food i also like.This year we are going to celebrate Easter here and look so forward to it,the city has many beatiful churches,much to see.

  12. Hey Bjorn –

    It’s definitely one of my favorite Polish cities as well. Very cool that you’re celebrating Easter there too!

    Enjoy your time.


  13. Well we also travel in Easter 2016 / 28.sunday 27/28 monday 28 Mars but lot museum and sight are closed even some restaurants and , just for info

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