There’s nothing worse to a frequent traveler than being forced to sit still for a long period of time. After having not traveled for eight weeks and having endured the painful process of applying for a freelance visa to live and work longer in Germany, I was restless and stressed. To top it off, Easter weekend was coming up and I  suddenly had no plans due to a last-minute cancellation. Ahh, the sometimes lonely life of a newly transplanted person in a foreign land.

It was the perfect time to plan a weekend away all on my own. So true to form, I plotted my escape from Berlin and headed to Gdansk, Poland.

How To Spend A Weekend In Gdansk Poland

1) STAY: Hotel Artus

My weekend started at the very cute Hotel Artus in Gdansk’s city center where I nabbed a rather sweet and stylish little room. Arriving here late Friday evening after a looooong eight-hour train ride from Berlin, I was excited to call this my “home away from home” for a few days.

Best of all, I had a view of St. Mary’s Church and some other classic Polish architecture just outside my window.

2) EAT: Restauracja Euro

After I got settled in, I headed out and looked for something to eat. Unfortunately, being Easter weekend, my options were limited, so I ended up at the rather touristy and overpriced Restauracja Euro where I got my fill of perogies and some tasty homemade Schnapps.

Back at the hotel, I booked the sauna for an hour and spent the time relaxing in complete and utter bliss.

Tip – If you ever happen to stay at the Hotel Artus in Gdansk, book the sauna – preferably for later in the evening. Not only is it super cheap, but you’ll have the entire sauna to yourself (no awkward encounters with other naked strangers are always a plus for me).

3) EAT: Mon Balzac

The next morning, I headed down to the hotel’s cafe Mon Balzac for breakfast. Cute, cozy and relaxing, I ate here rather joyously each and every morning of my stay. It’s actually open all day and plays host to live music some evenings.

4) DRINK: Café Retro

I ventured out to explore for a while and as it was pouring rain, I took a quick break to have a soothing tea at Café Retro.

5) SEE: Neptune Fountain

Finally, the rain tapered off a bit and I was ready to explore more of Gdansk without getting soaked. Excited, I headed straight to the Neptune Fountain. Unfortunately, I found it’d been temporarily removed for restoration purposes.

6) SEE: Gdansk Old Town

A little sad, I continued walking along the wet streets admiring the historic buildings in Gdansk’s Old Town.

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7) SEE: The Old Crane

As I was walking along the Vistula River, I finally got a glimpse of this old crane. Built in the 15th century, it’s now home to a Maritime Museum.

8) EAT: Goldwasser Restauracja 

Next, I had dinner at another tourist haunt Goldwasser Restauracja, right next to the crane. I opted for a non-Polish meal and had steak but didn’t miss the chance to try Goldwasser, a herbal Schnapps infused with gold flakes and produced only in Gdansk.

By the time dinner was over, I was exhausted and headed back to my hotel for an early night. Lame yes, but I was sick with a bad cold.

9) GO: A Day Trip To Sopot

Sunday was spent in nearby Sopot walking along the Baltic Sea and enjoying the best spa experience ever at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel.

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Overall, it was a good weekend and increased my ever-growing love for Poland. Yet somehow, I feel I barely skimmed the surface of Gdansk and didn’t get to know the city properly. Gdansk, I will come back to see you! 

What do you think about spending a weekend in Gdansk, Poland? Do you have any other tips about what to do in the city?

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