Love and Pride – Berlin CSD 2015 Photos

Berlin CSD 2015 Photos. If there’s a city that knows how to party, Berlin knows how to party. If I thought Myfest 2015 was a huge celebration, Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin is a party like no other!

Berlin CSD 2015 Photos - Oh CanadaCSD is Berlin’s annual day to celebrate pride. There are parades, parties, demonstrations, and marches that last all weekend. This year’s theme was “We’re all different. We’re all equal,” with over 200,000 people taking part in the CSD Berlin parades and over 500,000 taking part in all of the festivities. With the US Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, there was even more cause for celebration than usual.

While I’ve celebrated pride in Toronto and San Francisco, this would be the first time I’ve ever done so in Berlin. I was all too happy to join my friend, Adam, for an epic day and night full of fun and love. We attended the main parade in Charlottenburg and also the alternative parade in Kreuzberg. We also went clubbing, saw Robyn perform live, danced on a box, got kissed on the cheek by a sailor, and came home sometime after 7 a.m.

Berlin CSD 2015 Photos

The parades were full of colour, loud music, happy people, pretty outfits, love, and tons of smiles.

Berlin CSD 2015 Photos - We Love You CSD Photos from Berlin Charlottenburg

The main parade starts in Charlottenburg around midday and ends a few hours later at Brandenburger Tor.

Berlin CSD 2015 Photos - Rainbow PrideBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Pretty in PinkBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Sexy PoseBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - 1920s LookBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Bowtie ManBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Rainbow BrightBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Pretty BirdBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Yellow QueenBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Warrier ManBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Red ShoesBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Old Men CopsBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Pretty in Pink LadyBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Cute CoupleBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Crowds and LoveBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - BerlinBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Mohawk ManBerlin CSD 2015 Photos - Massive Crowds

Photos from Berlin Kreuzberg

The alternative CSD parade in Kreuzberg is a much more relaxed affair. Even when it started pouring rain, the party kept going. Someone started playing music, and tons of people took to the streets and started dancing in the rain without any care about getting wet.

Berlin CSD - White Bride KreuzbergBerlin CSD - Kreuzberg Black DressBerlin CSD - Scenes from KreuzbergBerlin CSD - Ireland Said YesBerlin CSD - Kreuzberg PrideBerlin CSD - Cheering for Love and PrideBerlin CSD - Kreuzberg LoveBerlin CSD - Hot Humid DayBerlin CSD - Teletubby KreuzbergBerlin CSD - Kreuzberg SmilesBerlin CSD - Dapper GentlemanBerlin CSD - Kreuzberg After the RainBerlin CSD - Staring Into my Soul KreuzbergBerlin CSD - Jumping in Puddles
The city put on a great show for CSD and again, I couldn’t help but feel so very happy that I happen to be a Berlin expat. As I have no travel plans until September, I look forward to experiencing summer in Berlin.

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 Berlin CSD Photos

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