The Christmas market in Bratislava’s Old Town may not be as pretty as some other Christmas markets out there, like the one at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt, but it remains one of my favorites.

Years back, I spent a couple of happy hours enjoying the Bratislava Christmas market, sipping on mulled wine, chowing down on a delicious sandwich, and wandering the surrounding area on foot. The atmosphere of the Christmas market was fairly casual, filled with more locals than tourists, and there weren’t any long queues. You could take your time to enjoy the market without feeling stressed or pressured to hurry. Exactly my style!

Check out my photos of the Bratislava Christmas market to get an idea of the vibe and why you should make the visit it for yourself.

The Bratislava Christmas Market At The Main Square

As you can see, the square is full of many stalls and festively decorated. I wish I’d been able to see the Christmas market by night.

After taking photos of the square, it was time to indulge in food and drink, as well as browse the stalls to see what was on offer.

So what is it about this particular Christmas market in Bratislava that I love so much? Aside from the several very tall, dark, and handsome men I spied, the fact that it’s not so touristy resonated well with me. The point I had a very tasty sandwich and a cup or two of very good mulled wine, sweetened the deal.

What do you think about the Bratislava Christmas market? Do you have further city tips for our readers? Drop us your best recommendations in the comments section.


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