A Canadian Outdoor Adventure Canoeing The Grand River In Paris

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
A Canadian Outdoor Adventure Canoeing The Grand River In Paris – I’m a city girl at heart. I live in downtown Toronto, close to St. Lawrence Market, within walking distance of anything and everything I could ever need like Union Station, the Distillery District and Cherry Beach. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Yet despite my love for city life, I often crave an escape from the city. I want to spend time under the sun, out in nature and breathing in fresh air.

Lucky for us Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents, such a weekend experience is possible and it’s right within our own backyard. Travel just over an hour to reach Burlington, Ontario, where you’ll base yourself as you explore the surrounding Hamilton-Halton-Brant region.

Your Experience Canoeing The Grand River

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
Voyage Into Paradise offers an easy weekend getaway. It includes a stay at a luxurious hotel, gourmet meals, First Nation storytelling and guided Voyageur canoe tours.

Getting Started With Canoeing The Grand River

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
Your first canoe journey begins in the cute town of Paris, Ontario with Grand Experiences. Headed by owner Jamie Kent, his company offers canoeing, kayaking, hiking and cycling adventures in the area. The first day of your Voyage Into Paradise experience will have you jumping into one of these Voyageur canoes, where you and a small group will be transported 15 kms down the beautiful Grand River. Before heading out, you’ll be given a life jacket and brief instructions about how to handle yourself on the boat.

What It’s Like Canoeing The Grand River

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe Expect your arms to get a workout as you spend the morning and afternoon paddling along the gentle flow of the river. I’ll be honest, I did not do as much paddling as others on my boat. I got to play the “photographer card” and spent my day snapping photos for this blog post.

Like me, you’ll be thankful that Jamie and his friendly staff are manning the boats, expertly steering us through the shallow and rocky water, shouting out instructions, and from time to time even having to use brute strength to pull us back into the deeper parts. Not only that, they tell you all about the history of the area as you traverse the river.

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
Being back out in nature felt fantastic. The pretty southwestern Ontario landscape, where I grew up, tugged at my heartstrings. Since moving home to Toronto, I’ve been back to Europe three times already taking in more exotic destinations like Iceland or Italy. It was nice to explore my “home and native” land for once. It was relaxing, peaceful and most of all fun!

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
We passed by others who were spending the day kayaking, doing self-guided tours with family and friends (which can easily be booked through Grand Experiences).

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
We also had several wildlife sightings. We saw blue heron, turtles, bald eagles, ducks, turkey vultures and these adorable Canadian geese with their goslings.

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe

Stopping For Lunch At The Brant Conservation Area

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
By early afternoon, we’d worked up quite the appetite. We stopped at the Brant Conservation Area where we had an aboriginal-themed lunch of salmon, bison, vegetables, wild rice and crepes in this extremely lovely setting. The bison was cooked to perfection; it called for a second helping!

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
After getting some rest, reapplying sunscreen (you’ll need a lot) and fueling up on food and water, it was time to get back on the Grand River.

Making Our Way To Turtle Island

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
Our final destination was Turtle Island, where we were treated to Six Nations storytelling. Dressed in traditional hand-sewn attire, they regaled us with stories, song and dance.

Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe Grand Experience Voyageur Canoe
Afterwards, we made our way back to the Brant Conservation Area where our canoeing experience ended for the day. On Sunday, we made our way to the Royal Botanical Gardens to canoe through the marshes at Cootes Paradise. Read more about day 2 here.

Good to Know About Canoeing The Grand River

1) Visit Voyage Into Paradise to secure a booking now.

2) Accommodation, meals and transportation are included in the cost, which is $449 Canadian per person (at time of publication).

3) You’ll stay at the Waterfront Hotel in downtown Burlington. Breakfast is included each day.

4) On Friday night, I ate dinner at the Beaver & Bulldog located within the hotel itself. Once the restaurant closes, it turns into a happening hot spot for locals. Seemed to cater towards a mature crowd.

5) On Saturday, we had dinner at the Water Street Cooker.

6) Wear a hat and apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Reapply frequently.

7) Stay hydrated and bring along a bottle of water.

8) Read another blog posts about this experience over at Late Night Plays.

* Disclosure ā€“ My Voyage Into Paradise experience was complimentary. Any opinions expressed about my love of canoeing through the Canadian wilderness are entirely my own. 

Founder of cherylhoward.com. Canadian in Berlin. Frequent traveller now at 43 countries and counting.


  1. It’s always easy to overlook what’s basically in the backyard and just explore places far away, where people know more about your backyard than theirs too! The trip looks like a lot of fun. Summer is a great time to go in the water. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Cheryl. I really appreciate it. Great (and thorough) post. Loved the tips. Will be sure to share with friends of ours who are looking into the trip. Louise

  3. I kayaked the Nith River that runs into the Grand. Too much fun. Luckily for me it was only one afternoon. My arms would be killing me paddling all day. Oh, wait. That's why should be paddling all day …

  4. We had a chance to see a bit of Toronto last summer at TBEX, but obviously we need to get back to the area and explore more.

  5. Yes, Laura! There are so many amazing places to explore just outside the city. It’s nice to have these types of options available when you tire of city life. šŸ™‚

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