Otranto is one of the most gorgeous towns in Salento, Italy. It sits on the easternmost edge of Italy’s coast and for this reason, remained one of Italy’s most conquered locations for many centuries. The lingering medieval fortifications are now a modern-day tourist attraction, as is the beach, and many places to eat and drink.

Take A Tour Of Otranto Italy With These Fabulous Photos

Even though I was only in Otranto for a few hours, I long to return so I can spend more time exploring its historical monuments (ahem, castles and cathedrals!), wandering the cobblestoned streets, and sampling regional cuisine. Allow the romance and beauty of this place to take hold of your heart, as it did mine.

Castello Aragonese

Castello Aragonese, once the heart of the town’s defensive capabilities, now serves as a cultural venue that hosts events and art exhibits. I think it would be an incredible place to get married! I’m not really sure if they allow for weddings there, but a girl can dream.

The castle is surrounded by a large moat, thankfully now dried up and not stinking up the town as it would have during medieval times.  As you walk through the castle, you’re led down to the sea.

Port of Otranto

Walking along the port area in Otranto Italy, you’ll see bicyclists riding by and the stunning blue hues of the Adriatic Sea. You can easily imagine yourself spending warmer summer days at the beach.

This modern-art boat installation seemed out of place in its surroundings but was still quite interesting.

The Streets of Otranto Italy 

Walking these cobblestoned streets of the historical center, you almost want to pinch yourself. You’ll wonder if the charm of these streets and this town are real and not something that you invented in your dreams.

Pasta, pasta, and more pasta! I left with two bags, which I brought home to Canada with me. Better yet, they were only a couple of euros each.

Otranto Cathedral

One of the more enjoyable things to do in Otranto is visit the weird and offbeat Skull Cathedral. There’s an altar of human skulls and a large tile floor mosaic with unknown meaning

The Final Word

This place is much more happening during the spring and summer months, when warmer weather brings the locals out to play, as well as the tourists. I’d love nothing more than to enjoy endless days at the beach, tasty dinners outside with a view of the Adriatic, and walk hand in hand with a tall, dark handsome stranger under the stars … can’t wait to be reunited with Italy, which is seemingly my one true love (as far as countries go).

Have you been to Otranto Italy? What did you think? Do you have any tips about the place? Drop us a comment below. 

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