On the last day of my trip in Thailand’s Trang province, our group toured some of the food markets in the city of Trang. After visiting Chinatown in Bangkok earlier that week, the markets in Trang couldn’t be any more different.

Trang has a population of about 60,000 and is famous for their stunning beaches. While it would be easy to check into one of their resorts for a week and not leave your beach chair, you’d be remiss not to come into the city and visit their markets.

While Bangkok’s Chinatown was really fun, it was packed full of people and and buzzing with activity. The markets in Trang are more laid back and with a special Dim Sum market (yes!), you may find yourself visiting the Trang markets more than once.

A Look Inside Trang Markets

Markets in Trang Overview into Street
Markets in Trang Helmut Guy

The Trang markets are much quieter and mostly, filled with locals. Outside of our group, there didn’t seem to be too many tourists out and about. It was great to just relax, peruse the markets at a slow pace, and catch a glimpse of what day-to-day life is like.

Dim Sum Market

Dim Sum in Trang Restaurant

Our day started with a traditional Trang breakfast. I soon found out that Trang is a city that takes its breakfast very seriously, as there are over 70 dim sum locations in the city. As the city’s population is primarily from a Chinese descent, it’s common to start your day with a dim sum meal and a cup (or two) of the ever delicious kopi.

We had our dim sum breakfast at Ruan Thai, one of the most popular dim sum places in all of Trang. The staff in the restaurant hustle like no one’s business and whip out new food quickly and efficiently. You’d almost think they were German.

Our table was soon covered with plate after plate of dim sum, and our small group had one of the best meals of our entire trip in Thailand. Beware! As you glance at these photos, you may feel sharp and strong pangs of hunger and a sudden need to have a dim sum breakfast.

Cake Markets

Markets in Trang Bakery with Cakes

After filling our bellies with all that food (there was a lot of it!), we stopped at a couple of cake shops. Trang is famous for their cakes. They even have a Trang cake festival every year! You can get cakes in banana, coconut, orange, coffee, and pandan flavours. You can even get a “three tastes” flavoured cake, which is a combination of some of these flavours.

Markets in Trang Little Girl with Cake

As if our waistlines could tolerate any more food, we set about sampling some of the cakes. I mean, how could we not? Especially when served to you by an adorable, smiling, little girl like this one. Cake shops can be found scattered throughout the city.

Food Markets

Finally, we headed off to one of the food markets in Trang that is open during the day.

One of the first stalls we came across was run by this happy Thai woman, who had a cat keeping her company! Not sure if felines and fresh fruit go together, but she was all too willing to oblige us our photo opportunity.

From there, we continued our walk through the food market, observing locals going about their daily routine and, of course, all of the food to be had! Although we’d just stuffed our faces, the smells of the food made my stomach think it could take on more.

Touring the Trang markets was fun as the vibe was so very relaxed. We walked slowly, taking our time to enjoy the atmosphere. There was no competition for space with other tourists as it had been in Bangkok.

Good to Know

1) To experience the city from a foodie perspective, be sure to indulge in Trang dim sum (with kopi) for breakfast and, later on, some cake for an afternoon snack.

2) Visit Ruan Thai to have the same dim sum experience that I did.

3) Find a place to stay while in Trang.


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