Is It Even Real? The Brno Dragon In The Czech Republic

Brno Dragon - Brno Czech Republic Symbol
Is It Even Real? The Brno Dragon In The Czech Republic – Fancy seeing the taxidermied remains of a dragon? Then get yourself to Brno, Czech Republic as soon as possible and head over to the Old Town Hall. In the passage to the property’s tower, you’ll find a five meter long dragon carcass suspended from the ceiling.

This oddity makes the Brno dragon the perfect candidate to add to our ever growing list of weird and offbeat places to visit around the world. We’ll take you to places like the Museum Of Toilet History in Kyiv, the Bad Bad Boy Statue in Helsinki, and the Ronald Reagan Statue in Budapest.

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The Big Bad Brno Dragon In The Czech Republic

Brno Dragon - Old Town Hall Entrance
While the idea of a dragon may conjure up images of Daenerys’ three fire breathing dragons from HBO’s Game of Thrones series, locals would have you believe that the Brno dragon was actually real.

Local lore has it that Brno was once home to a dragon that ravished the city, killing people and livestock. To combat the ferocious creature, councilmen offered a reward of 100 gold coins to anyone who could think of a way to rid the city of the dragon. A butcher came up with an idea that would bring about the dragon’s demise – taking a massive piece of meat, filling it with caustic lime, and leaving it out for the dragon to come and feast on. The dragon took the bait, became super dehydrated, and drank so much river water that the lime boiled inside of her and exploded.

Brno Dragon - Old Town Hall
However far fetched and inconceivable it may be to piece exploded body parts back together, the preserved remains of the Brno dragon are now hanging at the Old Town Hall for all to see. Residents can offer the body as proof that a dragon once terrorized the citizens of Brno and they ultimately claimed victory.

In reality, the body is that of a crocodile which may have been gifted by a visiting foreign dignitary, Sir Albrecht Trut. Trut gave the local prince this lofty and exotic present to commemorate his appointment as the Margrove of Moravia around 1006 or so. Some others give a different account and think that the crocodile was brought to Brno by a group of marauding crusaders as a souvenir from one of their crusades, while others say it was gifted to Brno by a Turkish Sultan.

Brno Dragon - Looking To Street
Over the years, the dragon had to be maintained, which involved deworming, drying, and smoking exercises. The maintain longevity,  the body is further reinforced with a metal structure and plaster filling.

Now an endearing symbol of Brno, the dragon remains one of the city’s most popular and visited tourist attractions.

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Brno Dragon
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