An Ode To The Doors Of Szentendre, Hungary – Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Whenever I travel, I love to walk through the destination – typically, without a guidebook or map and definitely, with a camera in hand. While strolling through a city’s streets, it’s nice to notice the smaller things, be it street art or in this case, doors.

While in Budapest one year, I did a day trip to Szentendre and one of the big highlights for me was the doors. It was a great feeling wandering around and noticing the doors and taking in all of their exquisite architectural details.

An Ode To The Doors Of Szentendre, Hungary

I never really cared much for doors before. Growing up in Canada, it seemed that the doors of most houses looked similar, usually massed produced and generic. Then I came to Europe. And I started to notice doors, their windows and all the other unique details. Obviously buildings are older here and have much more history, to the point where you just want to stand there and try to imagine what went on behind those doors, like who lived there and what their lives were like.

So while visiting Szentendre, a small town just outside of Budapest, I walked around and took in the various types of doors, some prettier than others, some with fading beauty.

It was a great way to pass the time, and a different way to get to know Szentendre.

What do you think of these doors of Szentendre? Do you have any other local tips? Tell us about them in the comments.

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