Whether you’re a Berlin local looking to escape the German capital for a day, or you’re in Berlin on a summer vacation, a day trip to Potsdam is always a good idea. So years back, I too decided to play tourist for a day and take in some new sights. I decided to head to Potsdam and go on bike a tour with Fat Tire Tours.

There’s no denying that Potsdam is beautiful. It’s full of palaces, gardens, and weird architecture that feels like it doesn’t belong in the setting. Perfect for me, since I love unusual places.

Pictures From A Potsdam Bike Tour

I wasn’t sure about doing a bike tour (my preference is walking) but Potsdam is simply too big to explore in one day by foot. The thought of being trapped on a coach bus for a tour and not being able to get close to the castles and gardens to take photos wasn’t at all attractive to me either.

The group met up at Alexanderplatz (just outside the base of the TV Tower) at 10:00 AM and our tour guide soon had us jump on the S-Bahn to make our way to Potsdam. With about 10 of us, our group was small and we got to know one another as the day wore on.

Arriving in Postdam, we picked up our bikes, had a short debriefing, and were on our way. The tour involved stopping at various points of interest to learn about the history and cultural significance, as well as take photos. There was even a stop for lunch at a surprisingly beautiful spot.

During the tour, we covered about 20 km’s and it was a surprisingly easy, flat ride (except for a small hill at the end). The tour wrapped up shortly after 5:15 PM and we were back in the city by 6:00 PM.

These photos highlight some of the notable sites in the area. As Potsdam is large, it doesn’t cover everything but will give you a general idea as to what you’ll do on your tour. 

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas’ Church on the Alter Markt was our first stop on the Potsdam Bike Tour. We were off to a good start!

Brandenburger Tor?!

Will the real Brandenburger Tor please stand up? Did you know that the authentic gate is not in Berlin, but in Potsdam?

Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace, up close and personal, as well as the gardens. Oh hey! Also, a clichéd tourist photo of me that screams out AM-AZ-ING.

Chinese Tea House

This is the first thing of many things that doesn’t belong in Potsdam. A Chinese tea house. Prussian rulers were rich, had a lot of time on their hands, and could pretty much do whatever they wanted. So if they wanted a Chinese tea house, they built one importing the stylings of places foreign to Germany. This was built by request of Frederick the Great and was used for small social gatherings.

Neues Palais

Another stop along the Potsdam Bike Tour? The Neues Palais, which was actually a guest house for important visitors! Royalty never stayed here. The building only opened to the public in 2013.  Believe it or not, this building (connected to a like building on the other side) was servant’s quarters! If I got to call a place like this home, I’d seriously consider a career as a maid.

The Egyptian Obelisk

This Egyptian obelisk is just another item that doesn’t belong in Potsdam. Much like the obelisk that I spied on an architectural biking tour in New York’s Central Park long ago. The symbols inscribed into the sides of the obelisk actually mean a big fat nothing. There’s no significant message here. Artists simply added random hieroglyphics to achieve an Egyptian “look and feel.”

Schloss Cecilienhof

Schloss Cecilienhof is where Churchill, Stalin, and Truman signed the Potsdam Treaty that shaped the post-war future. It’s done up in an English Tudor style, again weird.

Russische Kolonie Alexandrowka

Russische Kolonie Alexandrowka, was built by some Russians who were invited to live there.

Meierei im Neuen Garten

My favorite spot of the day was Meierei im Neuen Garten – a delightful biergarten (can you tell I love beer?) Here, we chowed down on our wurst and Berliner Wiesse beers.

Verdict? The bike tour was a lot of fun. I got to spend a beautiful summer day outside taking in Germany’s largest UNESCO world heritage site, take photos, and even, get in some exercise at the same time.

What do you think of this Potsdam bike tour? Would you undertake this adventure for yourself? Tell us more in the comments section.

Good To Know

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