The Unvertical House In Sopot (aka The Drunken Or Crooked House)

The Unvertical House In Sopot (aka The Drunken Or Crooked House) – Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Hmm. Was something wrong with my iPhone’s camera lens? Why was the building in front of me so distorted and funny looking. Nothing was wrong with my camera of course and what you see in the pictures here is indeed very real.

In my ongoing quest to find all things weird and offbeat, the Unvertical House in Sopot, Poland was a must-see when I spent a day exploring the city. Also, known as the Crooked House and even the Drunken House, this building is puzzling when glimpse it for the very first time. Newsletter

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The Unvertical House In Sopot (aka The Drunken Or Crooked House)

This rather boldly constructed building designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski is located in Sopot, Poland on the country’s Baltic coast. The designers took inspiration for their unique creation from the fairy tale drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

Built in 2004, the Unvertical House (Krzywy Domek in Polish) is actually a shopping center with stores and restaurants inside.

Although many publications (both online and in print) will inform you that the Unvertical House was actually inspired by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi, this is not correct. You can get the full low down on the building’s history by checking out the Krzywy Domek’ web site.

What do you think about this curious piece of architecture? Would you dare to step inside this trippy looking building?


Unvertical House (Krzywy Domek)
Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53, 81-767 Sopot, Poland

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  1. @Dean – Agree! I didn’t go inside as it was Easter Sunday and things were closed. Would be interesting to see.

  2. Ha, this is amazing! Makes me feel like I’m on a trip just looking at it. =P

  3. @Stephanie – Agree, very cool. Haven’t been able to find much about the building itself and I’ve spent at least 30 minutes on Google trying to get more info.

  4. Just looking at this photo makes you feel drunk, haha.
    Allthough, feels more like a Dalí painting than a Gaudi building to me.

  5. @Nina – It does make you feel a bit dizzy. Yeah, Gaudi work is usually somehow more prettier.

  6. Oh very cool! I’m a huge fan of Gaudi and when I saw your picture, his name was the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t realize he had built/designed stuff outside Barcelona, so thanks for sharing!

  7. @Wanderplex – the building is indeed very cool. Gaudi didn’t actually build it, someone else did so that’s why it’s considered Gaudi “inspired”. 🙂

  8. What a cool-looking place. It’s great that you added the link to the information about the architecture–it really doesn’t look much like Gaudi’s architecture when you take a closer look at it. So cool you got to travel so much in Poland…I would love to see more of Poland someday…

  9. @Jenna – The printed guide book I received from my hotel had it billed as a Gaudi building! It took quite a lot of research to dig up the real facts. Embarrassed to have provided the wrong impression … but alas, at least now the appropriate people are credited for their bizarre work. 🙂

    And I hope you make it back to Poland to see more of the country. I’d love to hit up Sopot again in the summer or fall! The Baltic coastline is INCREDIBLE!

  10. @Nancie – It’s quite the building that’s for sure! I’m not the biggest fan of the design from an aesthetic perspective but I’m always up for finding weird things like this.

  11. I’m just back from a 5 day trip to Lower Silesia and have decided to visit Poland again. Baltic Sea and Sopot are definitely next. Thanks for the inspiration.

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