A Collection Of Weird Things In Prague

A Collection Of Weird Things In Prague – Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

When I visit a new city, I tend to go out of my way to see the more unusual places there. Especially when you can find things that are never going to appear on a postcard or be featured in a guidebook. Some of my top highlights over the years have been the The Montagne De Bueren In Liège, built to keep soldiers from venturing into the city’s red light district and the Lloyd Hotel In Amsterdam where all the rooms feature a unique design and range from 1 – 5 stars.

Lucky for me, Prague is packed full of weird things to see and do. Check out some of my top highlights; photos taken from my various visits there over the years.

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A Collection Of Weird Things In Prague

From statues of cows decorated with women’s butt cheeks, to fish pedicures, and more, Prague is full of many weird and offbeat things.

1) A Mystery Man

This statue of a rather gaunt looking, bare foot man resting on a bench resides outside of a small hotel in Prague’s Old Town, just across from Estates Theater.

I spent a good 30 minutes scouring the Internet to find out more information about this mysterious gentleman only to come up with … absolutely nothing. Well, I did learn that tourists are known to pose for rather inappropriate pictures with him which is not surprising in the very least. You should see the one I took! Just kidding, I left him with his dignity intact figuring he already suffers enough each and every day.

2) A Torture Museum

Prague has more than a few strange museums, such as the infamous Sex Machines Museum. While I haven’t had the chance to get schooled in sex machines just yet, I visited the Museum of Torture last December where I had a very interesting, not to mention disturbing experience viewing over 60 devices used to torture humans during medieval times.

Unfortunately for those who used to Google the phrase “how to sexually torture yourself” and arrived at my site, my previous write-up didn’t offer them any instruction or guidance on the matter.

3) Tram Turned Restaurant

Two trams have been converted into a little dining establishment called Tramvaj. Located in the heart of Wenceslas Square, it’s an overrated tourist trap but really cute nonetheless.

If you’re a transportation nut, you should definitely check out nearby Výtopna Railway Restaurant, where small trains circulate a 400 meter miniature railway system, passing by every single table.

4) A Cow Statue Decorated With … Women’s Asses

Another item to add to our list of weird things in Prague? This incredibly odd statue is what inspired me to start this “weird and wonderful” series in the first place. I remember leaving my hotel, taking a shortcut to Wenceslas Square to check out a Christmas market when I stumbled across this eyesore. In complete disbelief and utter shock, I entered a state of deep belly laughing which didn’t stop for about 5 minutes.

I’m quite sure that people passing by me during those moments thought I was completely insane but really … one needs to question the sanity of the statue’s creator.

5) A Guard At Prague Castle

As I walked closer to this sentry at Prague Castle, I wondered if he was a wax figure or even a robot. There was no way that he was a living and breathing man who didn’t break character even when surrounded by a whole bunch of wild photo snapping tourists.

I found myself wanting to poke or tickle him. You know, to prove that he was real? Fortunately for both of us (mostly me), I managed to keep my behavior in check and left this man to remain standing proudly in his stoic position.

6) Crazy Looking Candy

After getting over my bull statue encounter, I finally ended up at the Christmas market. I promptly bought my first cup of hot mulled wine (which I had every day throughout the rest of the trip) and some of the red string candy pictured below. Wine and candy pair well together, right?

Unfortunately, the candy wasn’t really that good. Too sweet for my taste and it sent me into a sugar high that made me feel like I’d just had a Red Bull.

7) A Restaurant’s Rather Prehistoric Decor

If you go to any restaurant in Prague, eat at Restaurace U Lípy. Stepping inside, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time to an old world, even a prehistoric one as no one’s quite sure about why dinosaur paintings are displayed on the wall. You’ll be served traditional Czech food by adorable old men (3 or 4 who work there share the exact same name) who will even treat you to live entertainment, performing songs like Rock Around The Clock.

8) Drug Supply Shops

You never know when you may need a skull or alien themed bong or just a regular old pipe. You’ll find this shop just off of Old Town Square.

While I couldn’t find the exact address of this particular shop online, you’ll be happy to know there’s another one not too far away called Growman’s Plains where you purchase not only bongs and pipes but other supplies to help grow your marijuana crop. You can even buy products from their online store!

9) Fish Pedicures

Head to one of the city’s many Thai spas to receive a Middle Eastern pedicure treatment where tons of tiny little Garra fish nibble the dead skin off of your feet. Especially fun is opting to sit in the front window where tourists and locals stare at you and snap pictures.

This particular photo is of the store window at Thai Paradise located along Wenceslas Square. While I never opted to endure this treatment, I did stop for a really nice invigorating 30 minute Thai massage here when visiting last July.

Treat yourself, as prices are cheap enough to entice even low budget travelers.

10) Themed Containers

More weird things in Prague? Spend a whopping 24 euros on one of these weird bobble head like containers sporting corporate logos and emblems of  soccer and hockey team. Toronto inhabitants will be thrilled to see a Toronto Maple Leafs container in the photo. And no, I didn’t buy one. You’ll be able to find these in any touristy souvenir shop throughout Prague.

11) Ironic Movie Posters

This past July, a hipster pleasing exhibition was being held at the New Town Hall Tower featuring all sorts of ironic movie posters by Michael Výstava. Exhibit or not, visit the tower as a climb to the top offers up some really beautiful panoramic views of the city.

12) T-Shirts For Bad Girls And Beer Drinking Champions

Apparently Prague is the place where bad girls go! I never would have known unless this t-shirt had told me. As with the odd themed containers, you can find these t-shirts at any touristy souvenir shop.

13) A “Darth Vader” Statue

As much as Star War nerds would be excited to think that this statue is of Darth Vader, it’s really a Jewish golem.

The history of the golem is quite interesting. It’s been said that a 16th century rabbi created the golem to fend off antisemitic attacks and over time it became so violent that it began killing gentiles. Some even say the golem fell in love and became a monster upon being rejected. Eventually the golem was destroyed and hidden in the attic of the Old New Synagogue remaining until it’s needed again.

What do you think about these weird things in Prague? Have you found anything weird there? Tell us about in the comments.

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  1. I’ve been to Prague twice and I don’t think I found as interesting of things to see or do there as you did! Both times I visited I left kind of disappointed, actually.

    Great photos, too – especially the one of the bull! Ridiculous!

  2. Fun!! I have always loved Prague since first visiting in 1996. It keeps changing– the tram restaurant and bull with women in thongs were not there before. In fact, Wenceslas Square was only a bit touristy back then! I can’t wait for your Part 2!

  3. @Henry – told you it would be a fun post. Wait for the next one. 😉

    @Adam – really? That’s too bad. Prague is one of my favorite European cities … not just for all it’s weirdness but it’s beauty too!

    @Jenna – funny to think that Wenceslas Square wasn’t touristy. It’s full of them now!

  4. How fun! I’ve never been to Prague, but this is unlike other posts I’ve read about this city (that is by the way really high on my want-to-go list). Would love to eat in the railway restaurant!

  5. @Sabrina – Hope you get to visit soon. It’s a quirky but truly beautiful city and esp at night!

    @Andrea – Thanks! Can’t wait to hear about your impressions of Prague.

  6. The restaurant in a tram is funny. I would skip in though. I had one too many meals on trams when a kid.

  7. @Christy – can’t wait to hear what you think of Prague! Pls report back. 🙂

    Not sure if the mulled wine is available just yet … all depends on when the Christmas markets start. If you can’t find it, I’d recommend trying grog or a shot of Becherovka. And of course, don’t forget all that delicious Czech beer.

    @Laura – yes, the resto is really cute! I didn’t go in either. I like the concept though.

  8. I really enjoy statues I find while traveling. Some of them seem so unusual and random!

  9. Very cool! Would love to find out more about that Mystery Man. The tram restaurant looks so cozy. I think I’d have to check out the Torture Museum, too — as horrific as it might be.

  10. @Debbie – me too! You should see some of the ones in the park near my flat in Berlin. They are hilarious and definitely a topic for a future travel photo Thursday post. 🙂

    @Cathy – I want to know more about him too! The tram restaurant has a little patio in warmer weather as well – quite lovely. The torture museum is a hard one to take in, but explores an interesting aspect of our history.

  11. Yep we laughed and sniggered, and tried peeping in the sex museum , until my wife dragged me away.
    Prague certainly is a very interesting city, one I would like to get back to and spend more time seeking these things out. Thanks Cheryl.

  12. What a nice rundown of off the beaten track sites – great photos to go along with it. I really like The Mystery Man.

    I think your idea of weird & wonderful is an excellent one.

  13. @Leigh – thanks so much! I’ll have a new installment for next week’s travel photo Thursday too. 🙂

    @Laurel – me too. I really wish I knew the story behind that statue!

  14. Read your synopsis. Thought I was delusional to seriously consider selling all my possessions, quit my career, and be a citizen of the world. I admire your courage. More power to you! 🙂

  15. Love the list! Prague is such an amazing city. The pub U vystřelenýho oka has something that I would definitely put in the “weird” category – urinals with headrests!

  16. @Thomas – Thanks! Hope you got to check out part 2 as well. 🙂

    And thanks for the tip! If I were a dude, I’d check out that bathroom. Ha ha …

  17. If you look closer you’ll see that the bull is actually a cow. Nice butts, though.

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