If you happen to be taking a stroll through Mostar’s Park Zrinjevac, you may be surprised to find a life-sized statue of Bruce Lee with nunchucks in hand!

As a lover of unusual places and things, I was all too delighted to visit this statue and see it with my own eyes. It reminded me of other strange things I’d seen over the years like the Brno Ossuary packed full of more than 50,000 skulls, a church in Belgrade with a chandelier made out of weapons, and a statue of a young boy mooning in Antwerp.

Is there really a Bruce Lee Statue in Mostar?

The Bruce Lee statue in Mostar was erected on November 26, 2005, right around the time of the martial arts star’s 65th birthday, and was actually, the world’s very first Bruce Lee statue. Standing 1.68 meters high, it’s only slightly shorter than the real man himself, who measured in at 1.72 meters.

Created by Croatian sculptor Ivan Fijolic and oddly funded by the German government(!), the statue was a symbol of solidarity with an ethnically divided Mostar. It was thought that everyone loved Bruce Lee, regardless of whether or not they were Croatian, Serbian, or Bosnian.

The Bruce Lee statue was commissioned by a youth group called Mostar Urban Movement. Just like the Mostar Street Art Festival also spearheaded by local youth, the statue was intended to bring a message of peace in a fun and lighthearted way.

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It was originally placed in Spanish Square but was vandalized shortly thereafter. Sadly, the statue had to be removed and was only returned in 2013, when it was placed in the city park.

Thankfully, tourists like me can now do their part and take pictures of themselves acting like complete goofballs.

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