Padlocks are hardly beautiful objects and seem like an unlikely candidate as a symbol of love and romance. These rather utilitarian objects are used for practical applications like securing your belongings in your high school locker or safeguarding your checked-in luggage from would-be thieves at the airport.

Yet padlocks have become an international symbol of love and romance. You’ll find sites the world over in places like a pedestrian bridge in Frankfurt, another bridge in Prague, and even a tower in Seoul. Appropriately dubbed “love locks, you’ll find them on all sorts of public fixtures such as bridges, fences, and gates. The locks are placed by couples who’ll write their names on them in order to publicly promise each other an everlasting, until death-do-us part, crazy kind of love.

As lovely as the sentiments are, these lovelocks have had unfortunate consequences. In Paris, people threw the keys from their love locks into the river below, harming marine life. The same bridge where they were placed got so heavy, that the bridge actually collapsed. Locals in various destinations are fiercely against the placement of love locks in certain locations because of the potential danger they represent and what’s more, some even feel love locks are an eyesore that takes away from the beauty of a place. At times, there’s been a backlash when city officials have tried to dismantle a love lock from other locals who support them.

Fortunately, in Budapest, the love locks are done right.

Lock In Your Love With These Budapest Love Locks

I stumbled across this pile of love locks at a park while walking about Budapest. At first glance, it didn’t seem pretty. Looking closer, you start to notice that some locks really are pretty – like the giant heart-shaped one in our featured image above. Others decorated their love locks with hand-drawn or even, engraved hearts.

What’s refreshing here is that the love locks aren’t harmful to their surroundings, and they don’t pose any danger, as the love locks are placed on a metal object surrounding a tree.

While I could have easily walked past this little public work of art, I happily spent 15 minutes photographing it and pondering the stories of all the couples behind the locks. Just who are Emi and Laci? How did they meet? How long have they been together?

Call me a sucker for romance, but whenever I see love locks, I feel really happy. It’s heartwarming to know that each and every lock represents two people’s love for one another.

What do you think of these Budapest love locks? Would you leave a statement of love there for your soulmate? Share your thoughts in the comments.


You’ll find this grand statement of love in Erzsébet Square, on the Pest side of the city.

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