Who’s Bad? The Michael Jackson Memorial In Munich, Germany

The Michael Jackson Memorial MunichThe Michael Jackson Memorial Munich – You know how I love to discover weird and offbeat things when I travel. Like when I was in Budapest, I took part in an interactive science fiction performance that involved me running on to a life-sized spaceship. Another time while in Amsterdam, I spent a feline filled afternoon at a museum dedicated solely to cat art and a cat sanctuary on a boat.

Who’s Bad? The Michael Jackson Memorial In Munich, Germany

The Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - Flowers and PhotosSo you can imagine that I was absolutely thrilled when a friend offered to show me a site that she considered weird and offbeat – a Michael Jackson memorial in Munich lovingly maintained by loyal fans. Not surprisingly, Michael Jackson has fans the world over but what’s more astonishing is the lengths that they’ll go to keep the memory of their idol.

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After the King of Pop died in June 2009, ardent fans set-up a makeshift memorial at the base of a statue honouring the Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer Orlande de Lassus. It has since become a pilgrimage site for people to come and offer their respects to Michael Jackson. The memorial’s adorned with fresh flowers, candles, photographs and hand-written notes.The Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - Globe PhotoThe Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - LoveMichael Jackson Memorial in Munich.
The memorial’s been set-up across from the posh five-star hotel Bayerischer Hof, where Michael reportedly stayed and fortunately didn’t create an uproar by dangling his child over a balcony like he did at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin.

While fans have delighted in their fan worship, some locals feel that it’s an eyesore and they’ve gone so far as to purposely plant bird feed around the memorial. According to locals “… pigeons descend upon it, overturning fan offerings and soiling expressions of eternal devotion to Jackson”.The Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - AngelThe Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - CandlesDespite locals’ attempts to rid Munich of Michael, the memorial remains. In fact, fan Sandra Mazur has been campaigning the city to build a permanent statue in his honor and has collected donations to fund the project. Despite her efforts, city officials aren’t too keen on the idea saying “Munich has a bad case of monument-itis“. For now the memorial remains intact and while there you can look at some of the more extraordinary items left to Michael by his fans like Doris.The Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - DorisThe German text inscribed on the heart in the photo below roughly translates to “You’ll live on in our hearts” or “What you have deep in your heart, will not be lost in death”.The Michael Jackson Memorial Munich - HeartLove or hate it, this memorial is something worth checking out. It even got noticed by fellow travel enthusiast Rick Steves who could barely get through his video without laughing.

What other weird and offbeat attractions have you seen around Munich? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bayerischer Hof
Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333, Munich, Germany

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  1. I’m a huge MJ fan – such a shame what happened to him… This reminds me of the Jim Morrison memorial in Pere Lachaise…love how you find these offbeat sights =)

  2. Yes! I ran across this completely unknowing of its existence and was definitely surprised. It seemed so out of place, right across from one of the city’s fanciest hotels. Glad to hear others found it weird and offbeat as well!

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