Photos Of Street Art In Cologne’s Belgian Quarter

Photos Of Street Art In Cologne’s Belgian Quarter – Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Living in Berlin has given me a new appreciation of art in general, most notably street art, and how it really can enhance a city’s urban spaces. Street art also provides a fascinating way for people to become acquainted with the culture of a city, especially when murals and other works of art show up containing political themes and other relevant commentary. Take for example, the wall at Mauerpark which changes every week depicting tragedies like the murder of George Floyd.

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Photos Of Street Art In Cologne’s Belgian Quarter

Years back when I took an impromptu trip to meet with a university friend in Cologne, I enjoyed hanging out in the city’s Belgian quarter for a day. Full of funky stores, hip cafés and a really amazing tattoo parlour where I happened to get a new tattoo(!), I was surprised to find soooo much street art in Cologne.

You can say this trip started me on a “whole thing”, as checking out street art around the world is now one of my top travel obsessions. Check out some of my favourite blog posts from places like New York City, Mostar, and Vilnius.

My favorite photo from this trip is this one with music notes painted on the two garage doors. I love how it could have been left boring and bland but was turned into something really pretty.

I’m also quite enamoured with Little Lucy, and similar sketches have also appeared in Berlin and Hamburg.

Do you like this street art in Cologne? Where have you seen the best examples of street art? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Cheryl, those are some really cool photographs of a part I haven’t seen much, despite my frequent visits to the city. I think those notes on the doors bring new meaning to the phrase “Ausfahrt freihalten”. 😉

  2. @fotoeins – Thanks! The Belgian quarter was my favorite part of the city, hands down. Definitely recommend the next time you visit Cologne.

    Also, there’s an amazing cafe which serves crepes … I can’t stop thinking or dreaming about them.

  3. We were just in Cologne, but only for one afternoon in the city. I loved the look of it – your pictures are beautiful! =)

  4. I like your photo of the musical notes on the garage, too – its quirky & catches your attention (in a good way). I don’t necessarily like street art. But I do appreciate free expression. I think Sardinia has some of the more intriguing street art I’ve seen so far, as a result of their violent past.

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