I’ve lived in Berlin, not just once but twice. I first lived here for 18 months before moving back to Canada for a while. During my time in Canada, I came back for a couple of Berlin summer vacations, doing things I longed to do when I loved here, like a bike tour of Potsdam or finally taking a Berlin boat tour along the Spree.

No serious traveler (especially a travel blogger like me) likes to admit to doing touristy things. We pride ourselves on uncovering “off the beaten path” experiences by showing you unusual places like the Museum Of Medieval Torture Instruments in Prague or the Hands Sculpture in the Venice Grand Canal.

When I rather sheepishly told my German friends about my plans, they expressed their delight and told me how they’d all been on a boat tour multiple times. So without shame, I made my way to the Museum Island area one afternoon and hopped onboard a boat that was just about to depart for a short two-hour tour around East Berlin.

Pictures From A Berlin Boat Tour Along The Spree

There’s simply no better way to see Berlin. Although taking a calessio tour isn’t so bad either. Anyone who thinks Berlin is an ugly city needs to take one of these boat tours to realize just how beautiful it really is, especially when you get to take in notable attractions like the Berliner Dom, Reichstag, and TV Tower from a unique vantage point.

Have you ever taken a Berlin boat tour? What did you think? Any Berlin city tips for our readers? Drop us a comment.

Good to Know

1) There are many options available if you’d like to take a similar tour. Some are longer in duration (taking you to West Berlin to see the Molecule Man for example) and offer food and drink so expect prices to vary accordingly. Just hit up Visit Berlin for further information.

2) An audio guide in different languages is usually included in the tour so you can learn all about the important landmarks you’re passing and their historical significance. Or you can be like me and skip the audio tour just so you can take loads of photos.

3) One of the absolute best times to take a boat tour is at dusk. It’s pretty romantic (much like Budapest at dusk).

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