Pictures Of Street Art In Gdansk, Poland

Pictures Of Street Art In Gdansk, Poland – Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

I’ve long maintained that one of the better ways to get to know a city and its culture is to walk the streets and look around for street art. I’ve seen some pretty nice work over the years, from murals on the streets of NYC’s Lower East Side, to Mostar where buildings with bullet holes from the Bosnian war are now decorated with street art, and even Budapest where the city has commissioned several murals.

So while in Gdansk for a fun-filled weekend (which also included a quick trip to Sopot), I also took some pictures of street art in Gdansk. Newsletter

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Pictures Of Street Art In Gdansk, Poland

While there aren’t a lot of murals, you find smaller more understated works of street art in Gdansk.

I found these elephants particularly cute.

These pictures are from back in 2012, but are now especially relevant in the times of the pandemic.

It’s always fun to wander down an alley and take some time to really observe the street art.

I really liked the “too much love” statement stencilled on this pink wall.

This mouse was pretty cute too!

What do you think of this street art in Gdansk, Poland? Do you have any tips about where else we can find more street art in Gdansk? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. I watched a really good documentary the other day about street art/graffiti. It was about the Robbo/Banksy graffiti wars. Kind of interesting….

  2. Hm… Too much love… certainly makes you stop and ponder.
    My brother is in med school in Gdansk and it´s about time for a visit. Thanks for the added inspiration.

  3. @Andrea – Cute right? 🙂

    @Roy – Head to Poland now. 😀

    OK, I’ve seen that then. Love that documentary!

  4. There certainly is a lot of talent in Gdansk! Some of them actually remind me of Banksy. Is there any stencil by him in the city? I am from Toronto, there is also quite a lot wonderful street art.

  5. @Kristina – thanks for the visit! There’s a great street art scene all across Europe. I never really bothered much with street art when I was in Toronto, will check it out sometime.

  6. Such eerily lovely photos! The 90210 made me laugh out loud. And elephants in Gdansk – perfect.

  7. It’s amazing that street art can exist in such various forms. It really reflects the city’s atmosphere. I mean there’s a remarkable difference between Gdansk street art and, let’s say, Toronto street art. Toronto bursts with great works but they are becoming so precise and academic that they’ve almost lost their spontaneity. 90210 is hilarious! 🙂

  8. I love Poland…have only made it to Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw so far, but Gdansk is really high on the list. Everywhere we’re bene has just had a really young and vibrant energy to it!

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