I’ve long maintained that one of the better ways to get to know a city and its culture is to walk the streets and look around for street art. I’ve seen some pretty nice work over the years, from murals on the streets of NYC’s Lower East Side, to Mostar where buildings with bullet holes from the Bosnian war are now decorated with street art, and even Budapest where the city has commissioned several murals.

So while in Gdansk for a fun-filled weekend (which also included a quick trip to Sopot), I also took some pictures of street art in Gdansk.

Pictures Of Street Art In Gdansk, Poland

While there aren’t a lot of murals, you find smaller more understated works of street art in Gdansk.

I found these elephants particularly cute.

These pictures are from back in 2012 but are now especially relevant in the times of the pandemic.

It’s always fun to wander down an alley and take some time to really observe the street art.

I really liked the “too much love” statement stenciled on this pink wall.

What do you think of this street art in Gdansk, Poland? Do you have any tips about where else we can find more street art in Gdansk? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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