The Vibrant Street Art In Krakow, Poland

The Vibrant Street Art In Krakow, Poland – Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Krakow is seriously one of the coolest cities I’ve visited to date. I spent such a fun filled weekend there, visiting a Jewish cemetery, checking out the Pharmacy Museum, and heading to the nearby salt mine. On top of all this (and despite the mind blowing cold temperature of -15 degrees Celsius), I spent a lot of time walking around the city, taking in all of the street art.

As I say over and over again again on this blog, street art is a different and interesting way to get to know the vibe of a place. Newsletter

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The Vibrant Street Art In Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a rather suitable canvas for this renegade guerrilla art form. From touring the city’s streets, I learned that local artists have a preoccupation with fascists, love a good Star Wars reference, and apparently Reeboks.

Some people prefer professional looking murals, but I personally appreciate street art in all its forms, be it a small stencil, a humble sticker, or something else.

You can check out some of my other posts documenting street art around the world – Mostar has some pretty powerful pieces of street art, while New York has some epic murals, and there’s an especially provocative piece in Vilnius featuring the faces of two of world’s most terrible men.

STAR WARS! Being the sci-fi nerd that I am, this almost blew my mind. This is quite possibly one of my favorite instances of street art ever, ever, ever.

What do you think about the street art in Krakow? Do you have any tips about where to find good spots or specific pieces? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. Agh I LOVE street art! I’m in Poland right now actually – Wroclaw – but won’t be making it across to Krakow. The fox/human (?) and the pink mouse are definitely my favourites 🙂

  2. @Tom – Me too!! And so cool you’re in Poland right now. How is the street art scene there? I like the fox/human hybrid and the mouse too. 🙂

  3. It’s been 10 years since I was in Krakow, looks like it has a grittier, more urban feel now. Some pretty advanced street art there.

  4. I think my favourite is the pink mice 🙂 Clearly Krakow is inspiring for street artists! I remember seeing a huge tag right by the river that said “Cracovia Kazimierz”. Not sure what it means, but it seemed like it had been there for a while.

  5. @Sophie – It really felt like a gritty urban city and it completely charmed me!

    @Europetrip Tips – The mouse is pretty cute. Definitely a very inspiring city for street art.

    @Laurel – Thanks so much! The rebel love one is awesome. I love the passion in their kiss.

  6. Great finds Cheryl. Some of the art seems to be politically motivated, which is always interesting. But I might have to also go with the ‘rebel love’, which it’s pretty cool!

  7. I’ve always believed that street art is a reflection of the human heart as a means of expression Its fascinating to see their varied ideas on life, love & shoes. Made me a laugh a little – love it!

  8. @Jarmo – Thanks! I really wish I knew the stories behind the art … and I agree the rebel love one is prob one of the best I’ve seen to date.

    @Sherry – Agree. Like the way you worded that!

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