I still remember the first time I visited Italy; it felt like I’d been transported into another world. There I was touring the Vatican, taking in the massiveness that is St. Peter’s Basilica, when I began weeping uncontrollably. It wasn’t a “religious” experience at all. I was simply happy to be there in this magnificent, historic site that I’d only ever dreamed about seeing with my own eyes. It all seemed too beautiful to be real and for the remainder of that trip, I was overwhelmed by the grandeur of all the castles, cathedrals, and other sites. I remember thinking that if I never traveled anywhere else in my life, I’d always be grateful and appreciative for the time I spent in Italy.

I know it all sounds like one big, tired cliche that you’ll see written about in countless travel blogs or hear about in discussions with people who’ve just come back from a holiday in Italy. But no matter what anyone says, there’s no denying that Italy’s a very special place and there are plenty of reasons why so many people visit. Italy’s actually the fifth most visited country in the world and saw close to 100 million tourists visit in 2019 alone.

Little did I know on my first trip that I’d end up coming back several times and spending more time there than any other country in Europe.

Wandering The Streets Of Brescia

When I was invited to visit Brescia one December, I couldn’t wait to get back yet again. I was there for two days and made the most of my experience, drinking local wines, eating fresh pasta, checking out museums, getting all holy in cathedrals, and simply wandering the streets of Brescia. 

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While I’ve already written about some of the things that you can see and do in Brescia, I wanted to share some photos taken from my walks throughout the city. There won’t be any snaps of castles or cathedrals here, but pictures of narrow empty streets, locals flying by on their bikes, newsstands, signs, and more, all reflecting a more simple and gentle side of life in this Italian city.

Early Morning In Brescia

At night, this street is lively and full of people eating dinner, sipping on wine, and listening to music. Early in the morning, everything’s closed and the street’s virtually empty.

I feel like there are fewer “classic” newsstands like this today. Most people pick up their newspapers in convenience stores and their magazines in specialty shops.

Sunshine spilled onto the streets of Brescia.

The Bikes Of Brescia

As with most European cities, bikes are one of the preferred modes of transportation, even on a cold December morning. Of course, they also lend an idyllic detail to any photo you take. Bikes are also used as a way to advertise pasta and wine for €5. Deal, I’m in!

Handwritten Notes In Brescia

I’m not sure why (my online research yielded absolutely no information), but there are these lovely handwritten notes hanging from the ceiling of this short passageway.

Picture Perfect Streets Of Brescia

Never mind fashion’s street-style concept, check out these street-style photos.

A Door And A Cheerful Message In Brescia

Brescia is worlds apart from the street art-heavy Berlin, so seeing “Have a nice day” inscribed on the wall was especially endearing.

Girls Wearing Floral Wreaths In Brescia

Just like when I spotted young girls with floral wreaths in their hair while in Prague, I spotted some in Brescia as well. These pretty floral wreaths are usually worn on the day they obtain their university degree and aren’t actually a fashion statement.

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