My Love Affair With Alpe Di Siusi (In Photos).

The more I get to know Italy, the more I fall in love. It’s the first European country I visited and it stole my heart. There was no going back.

I came home to Toronto, immediately enrolled in Italian lessons, drank Campari and soda religiously and mourned the fact that no food I’d ever eat again in my entire lifetime would taste as good as what I’d had that first time in Italy.

Clichéd as it was (and is), I dreamt of moving there and marrying an incredibly good-looking, well-educated and of course, romantic Italian man who drove his expensive convertible sports car incredibly fast through the Italian countryside.

Then somehow I ended up moving to Berlin! But hey, I did drive a nice car from Hamburg to Berlin at 200 km’s per hour last March.

I might be in Germany now but Italy is really the place that I’ll eventually “settle down” whenever my nomadic heart and soul finally decides to rest and stay in one place for a while. You know me, I’m always planning my next trip!

So far, I’ve hung out in major cities like Rome and Milan, visited the Lakes region, hiked Cinque Terre, searched for Romeo and Juliet in Verona, cooked with an Italian mama in Soriano Nel Cimino and gotten to know the Amalfi Coast. In fact, Positano remains one of my favorite places in the world.

Through all my travels in Italy, I’ve noticed one common theme – the country is ridiculously beautiful! Picture perfect. Like something out of dream. You feel the need to pinch yourself as there’s no way it could all be real.

So on my most recent trip to Alpe Di Siusi (Seiser Alm auf Deutsch), I was reminded again why I love Italy so much.

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

The Italian Alps, the Dolomites are home to Europe’s largest alpine meadow. Spreading approximately 5 km’s by 12 km’s, the meadow is flanked by jagged limestone mountain peaks that grandly rise 2000 meters above sea level.

It’s a quiet area with few cars or hints of modern day life. You’ll find plenty of grazing sheep and cows and will often be treated to the distinctive sound of ringing bells. Then there’s the trails full of energetic hikers (who may or not be able to belt out a mean yodel), big endless skies and quaint mountain huts. You’ll feel more like you’re in Germany than Italy.

Shortly after my arrival in Alpe di Siusi, our group of travel blogging friends embarked on the first of many hikes. This was when my love affair began  …

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Alpe Di Siusi // Seiser Alm

Other things to do in Alpe di Siusi include paragliding, taking outdoor cooking classes, meeting Italy’s first coffee sommelier, eating dinner at a farmhouse and tasting snappes (trust me, not for the weak).

This video about Alpe di Siusi highlights our group’s overall experience and the fun that you can have for yourself! If you want to get out of Alpe di Siusi, why not set out to discover more of the Italian Dolomites?

* Disclosure – My stay in this beautiful unknown area of Italy was courtesy of Alpe di Siusi. Any opinions expressed about my renewed love for everything and anything Italian are entirely my own.

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  1. This is beautiful! I’m half-Italian and thus ashamed that I’ve spent so little time in Italy – haven’t been back aside from the airport in 14 years!

  2. Great photos, brings back such great memories. Alpe di Suisi is definitely a place I could keep coming back to! Thanks for the mention.

  3. Great…make that fantastic set of photos. I hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc last year & was very impressed with Italian mountain scenery.

  4. This is a part of Italy that I’m yet to explore, and after seeing your photos I really want to get there more than ever. Just beautiful!

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